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Make it personal, make it powerful ; Make it speak for you.

Mehreen Hashmi’s work is based on art activism and her self-catharsis to create awareness for survivors of abuse and PTSD. She is also a speaker for this context and to help several other survivors in Pakistan who are suffering in silence. Her story has been published in The Daily Times, Pakistan for her work as an artist and a curator. 

Read the article here

Artist Statement ; My work as an artist has been a catharsis for me and it has been my strength to communicate with the world about my struggles with PTSD. Though my work narrates some traumatic experiences  that I have been through but it has been my super power as well. You can make your art practice powerful and bring social change as well.

This is an introductory class to make you understand basic elements of use of symbols, elements of thought provoking images and basics of unique compositions. 

This class is designed to make you understand your true inspiration which speaks your truth. 

Conceptual art works are based on several context. Main context are based on either personal or social.

In this class, you will learn how to  ;

Brainstorm context related to personal experiences or social taboos.

Use of elements, symbols in a composition.

Create unique compositions.

Other Classes on Art Composition

These classes are the perfect activity for artists to improve their portfolio, upgrade their their art practice and attract audience to their work. It explains the essential principles of art for your understanding.   You will improve composition and your entire portfolio if you understand few essentials of a good composition. 

I have designed these classes specifically for adults who always wanted to be an artist but could not peruse it and artists who want to improve their artwork. Now you can start it as a hobby and do some budding artist with your children too. 

You will learn the following with me ;

Improve creative thinking skills 

Improve visual skills

skills to create a unique composition

Basic elements and principles of art

How to create unique compositions with simple elements?

How to upgrade your visual skills?

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